Industry Partners

Industry Partners

Beef Marketing Group

The Beef Marketing Group is a cooperative of cattle producers and farms focused on working together to do what is right in order to remain sustainable. They accomplish this by producing a consistent supply of cattle that excede customer expectations for safe and wholesome beef products. BMG's alignment with feeder cattle suppliers, a processor, and retailers brings together a unique structure to enhance verified beef programs.

MFA, Inc.

MFA Incorporated is a Midwest-based regional farm supply and marketing cooperative serving more than 45,000 farmer/owners in Missouri and adjacent states. They offer the best products and state-of-the-art services through their MFA Agri Services, affiliates and partners. MFA also offers wholesale products to agricultural companies.

Their cooperative was built on the idea that there is strength in numbers. They believe that together, farmers can do more than they ever could on their own. MFA's cooperative model keeps them accountable to their member owners while making decisions in the best interest of farmers.

Innovative Livestock Services, Inc..

ILS is a group of feed yards and farms located in the heart of cattle feeding country in Kansas and Nebraska. By working together it allows them to better focus on caring for cattle, using resources wisely, and providing for the families that make them successful.

ILS is the result of high quality production, sound business, and their ability to anticipate and satisfy their customers’ needs. They believe in reaching out to people that purchase their products to understand what is important to them, establishing a set of standards, and being held accountable to them.

National Bison Association

The NBA is a non-profit association of producers, processors, marketers and bison enthusiasts whose vision is a community bound by the heritage of the American Bison.

The mission of the National Bison Association is to bring together stakeholders to celebrate the heritage of American bison, to educate, and to create a sustainable future for our industry.

It's About the Relationships

We're very proud of our technology, but the key to success will be the ability to create and maintain good relationships among industry participants.

Our Core Values


Enabling people to experience high-trust relationships with others.


Activating people to achieve economic and interpersonal goals.


Making a positive contribution to others in the community and around the world.

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