Tag Matching

Tag Matching

There are already many animals in the supply chain that are tagged with RFID tags. Instead of having to wait for next years' calves to go through the supply chain to get data, we provide a tag matching service. Tag matching means matching RFID tag numbers in different sectors that are already in the system. We encourage you to anonymously upload your tag numbers to see if they match to any of the other industry partners.

If you don’t get a match right away, the number stays in the system and if a tag matches in the future you will be notified. There is no charge for this matching service and it is an efficient way to populate the system with data while waiting for new calves to go all the way through all the sectors.

Uploading your tag numbers is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1
Contact Information

We'll automatically process your tag numbers and let you know by email if you have any matches. You may also get an email in the future if any of our partners matches your tags.

Step 2
Upload your tag numbers
Step 3
Wait for an Email

Depending on how many numbers are being processed, it could take a few minutes. You will receive an email even if there are no matches. Your numbers will stay in the system and if a future partner matches them you will get another email with further instructions..

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