Our Technology

Our Technology

The underlying technology of our platform is Blockchain. Blockchain is a ledger (sort of like a spreadsheet), but it is decentralized, which means instead of residing on a central server, each ledger resides with the participants. Blockchain can allow individuals and companies to make instantaneous transactions on a network without any middlemen. Transactions made on blockchain are completely secure, and, by function of the technology, are kept as a record of what happened. Cryptographic encryption algorithms ensure that no record of a transaction on blockchain can be altered after the fact.

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Blockchain can be explained as literally a chain of blocks. Those blocks represent data, held all together in a specific order. The data stored in the blocks includes information about a transaction (date, time, etc.), who is participating in the transaction (via a “digital signature“), and information that distinguishes an individual block from other blocks in the chain. This information is expressed as a unique code called a “hash.” Each block of data represents some new transaction on the ledger.

A blockchain is a record of transactions. Using blockchain, companies (or people!) can both make and verify these transactions.

It's About the Relationships

We're very proud of our technology, but the key to success will be the ability to create and maintain good relationships among industry participants.

Our Core Values


Enabling people to experience high-trust relationships with others.


Activating people to achieve economic and interpersonal goals.


Making a positive contribution to others in the community and around the world.

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