Livestock Supply Chain Transparency Platform

Levels the playing field for producers by allowing them to see real-time data on their cattle all the way through the supply chain.

We are now in phase 3 of a 4-phase pilot project. In phase 3, we are tracking approximately 45,000 head of cattle from birth to harvest. This phase will allow us to debug the software, enhance the UI, and load-test the system in a controlled environment. Phase 4 will be an industry-wide release. If you would like more information please contact us.

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Decentralized database (Blockchain) makes it impossible for the data to be compromised. Every participant will have the exact same copy of the data as long as they have proper permissions.


No private data goes into the system. You have complete control over what you want to share by setting your permissions on the portal.


Through our ever-growing list of network partners, you will be able to see data all the way up and down the supply chain, including carcass data.

Open Source

Your software provider connects to the network by using our open-source API's. We provide access to the software at no charge.

Recommended Software


The BlockTrust Network relies on proven, industry-leading applications to collect information. If you are a cow-calf producer and currently do not use a software product, we recommend PowerCalf Mobile.

The PowerCalf Mobile app offers a new way to collect data chute side or when in the field. The mobile app uses a simple interface for data input on your Apple iOS or Android device. This data is backed up on the online portal which allows you to access and manage your data at anytime, anywhere.

For more information, please visit the PowerCalf Mobile Website, call the support line at (573) 876-5262, or send email to


We know you have questions; especially about privacy and security. Lets work together to make the most of the opportunity to change the industry for the better. If you don't see your question here please contact us using the form below.

You will have the data necessary to make better business decisions and negotiate better pricing, including carcass data. Participating in the network is a sign that you welcome transparency.

Sending data to the network is free, which will tell the industry you are a participant. If you want to access the data through reports or queries, there is a small subscription fee depending on your herd size.

We do not accept private data on the network and you cannot upload data directly to us without a software provider. You will have complete control over your data by managing permission levels in the portal.

Absolutely. We work with many software providers and will recommend a software product if you do not currently use one.

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Please take a few minutes and fill out our survey Here.