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How It Works

How it Works

Cattle are tracked using 15 digit RFID ear tags. As the cattle go through each sector in the supply chain, a record is created on the Blockchain; this record can contain as much, or as little additional data as desired. An example of additional data would be records containing health events or routine examinations, nutrition information, or animal demographics.

Each participant may continue to use the software they use now. If they do not have software, we can recommend some products that are compatible with our platform. We are always looking for additional software partners. The software connects to our network using API’s (Application Program Interfaces) that we provide for free.

For every registration, we provide access to a web portal where the participant can securely access the data on the network that they have permission to see. Participants can view information on the screens, produce reports, or download raw data. As more animals go through the supply chain, and matches are made, more data will become available.

It's About the Relationships

We're very proud of our technology, but the key to success will be the ability to create and maintain good relationships among industry participants.

Our Core Values


Enabling people to experience high-trust relationships with others.


Activating people to achieve economic and interpersonal goals.


Making a positive contribution to others in the community and around the world.

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