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Market Trust™

Market Trust Cattle MarketPlace

Buyers are now seeking more verifiable data on each individual animal and producers are seeing increased values by providing this information. Through the MarketTrust system, producers can create sales groups containing individual data on cattle in the system and show it to prospective buyers in an organized fashion. Specific data such as breed, weight, PVP programs, pre-conditioning programs, etc. can be attached to each animal’s record which can be used by prospective buyers to evaluate the sales group. By selling these animals to buyers inside the BlockTrust network, the likelihood of receiving important data from up the supply chain greatly increases.

Producers still market their cattle the same way they always have, whether that be through an auction market, or directly off the ranch, but now can prove to buyers the specific ways they have invested time and money into producing the best product possible.

Prospective buyers, who are also part of the BlockTrust Network, query animals by location or other characteristics and can reach out to the seller in a secure fashion through the private messaging system. Auction markets now can provide a better service both to their clients and to buyers by participating in a verifiable data program. Please contact us for information.

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